• Password Recovery

No quick action is available to complete a password reset for a HIKVISION DVR. You will need to follow the instruction to export a XML file to HIKVISION technical team. You can find the instruction below.

For security reasons, you are encouraged to change the factory password. However you must remember the password or take note of the password by all means.

The factory default passwords of AVTECH DVRs manufacturered between 2006 and 2013, are 0000 enter from the DVR panel or usename admin with password admin from network login. From 2013 or 2014, DVRs and NVRs come with defaut password of admin for the account of admin.

If you lost one password either the panel or the network login, there should be a chance to recover. If you have the panel password, you would make the DVR to default through MENU then System. However you would need to contact us to see if it is possible to recover the login if you lost the panel password.

We may be able to do hardware reset for a few models of AVTECH DVRs at a service cost to you.

Password Recovery

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